Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I got up about 6:15 entertaining the weird idea that somebody was going to rush in and get the apartment I wanted before I had a chance to get the application in. I walked at Kimbell, then instead of having breakfast, filled out the form, added some financial info--then looked for my 2015 tax return.
Couldn't find it. I found all my other returns, from 2000 right up to 2014, but the one I needed? Why, no, it was nowhere. Went on the IRS site and took a good twenty minutes filling in everything; finally got to where you can order a transcript and--it wouldn't come up. Said I should disable the ad blocker, I did, and it still wouldn't. Damn!
I went over to Ventura Del Sol with what I had, anyway, and Jim asked me to just list my income with sources. I did--frankly, I was surprised it added up to that much--and took it back. He accepted the $25 fee for the credit check (I know mine is excellent) and I seem to be okay. Patti, the manager came in and said I could have it on the tenth, which means I'll be paying rent on both apartments for ten days. That's not too bad, actually, and I'm okay with it.
By the time I finished at VDS, it was after 11:00, so I zipped over to the Adult Center for lunch. I sat with Neil and four women with whom I have little in common, but it was okay. Receptionist Beverly told me a woman had called asking if she could sign up for the acting class, but skip the first session, as she had a commitment. I told Bev to have her call me.
This little dynamo ("I've been married five times and have seven children") from Iowa, I think, said she wants to start a singles group, mostly for older people who just to talk because they're often lonely. AAGH! I hope she wasn't hinting I might want to join. I surely don't, as I have no intention of listening to people who didn't have the initiative to go out and find companions and activities. Mean as it sounds, I'm afraid they tend to be babyish clingers, pathetic and boring in the extreme, so sorry.
One of the maintenance guys came over to explain the logistics of leaving the complex. I know I'm going to have to leave a fair amount of my deposit, but I won't know for sure what needs to be done until the furniture is actually out.

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