Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Lunch And The Townehouse

Yesterday made up for pokey Sunday, which is all to the good.
Drove to Kimball and did the walk. I had intended to stop at the bank after, as I needed to transfer some funds, but realized I had forgotten something at home. Drove back and while walking up the path, saw a young(ish; maybe early forties) woman coming toward me. She stopped to say hello, then introduced herself--"Jennifer"--and we started talking. She invited me to stop in some time and I asked if she wanted my card with my contact info on it. Yes, she did, and she stopped in to get it.
Went directly from there to the bank which, as usual, was jammed with a long line and two tellers only. I happened to see the manager and as usual--it's getting to be a habit--complained about that. Dammit, BOA has all the money in the world, so why can't they hire more people? I was surprised and mollified when he agreed with me absolutely, so I simmered down and got the transaction done.
By the time I had breakfast, it was after 10:00 and the widder lunch was at noon. However, I jumped in the shower, then took off for there. I ordered only a Blue Moon and asked the waiter to bring me some crackers or something, which was fine as I was still full.
Now comes the interesting--and for me, exciting--part: Donna is another regular at Soaring Spirits (the official name of the group) and she and I are friendly. We started talking and exchanged where-we-went-to-collage stuff and she heard I had graduated from, and worked at, Rider. "My father went there!" she exclaimed. They lived in New York and her father graduated when Rider was still in Trenton. I asked how old her father is and she said--get this: ninety-one. She asked if I'd like to meet him and yes, indeed, I said--does he live with you? "No," said Donna, "he lives in The Townehouse."
Yoicks! This is where I've been going for the wine and cheese thing every Friday! I told her that and we were both amazed. Anyway, she gave me his name and suggested I contact Anne, the activities director with whom I've been in touch, and ask her to introduce us. It occurred to me I could conduct a kind of interview with Joe and maybe Rider's alumni mag would be interested in a piece on the encounter. I e-mailed Anne and hope to hear back from her soon.

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