Sunday, August 07, 2016

Nancy and Lunch

Met Nancy at the Black Angus at 1:00 and we had a nice, leisurely lunch. I had my fave, a rare burger and a Shocktop beer (next best to Blue Moon) and Nancy had a very yummy looking chicken salad and a split of champagne. That sounds so sophisticated to me: "Kindly bring me a split of champagne, Miss." Someday, I'll order it, too.
We talked and talked, Nancy just back from scattering her husband's ashes and other adventures. Parted after almost two hours; I went to the bank to pick up some dough, pleased to see my new financial arrangement has already kicked in.
Spent what I had gotten at WinCo and had a bit of a row--but courteously--with the deli manager. As many supermarkets do, they had whole cooked chickens that were in a container that read "Rotisserie Chicken." Hmm...I asked if they had a rotisserie and was told, yes, and the chickens are on spits, but it doesn't go around. Well, then--aren't they just roasted chickens? Yes, I was reluctantly told, but the containers came from "above." Presumably, that didn't mean from the Almighty, but from headquarters or something. I said that was false advertising, but I was tired of the whole thing and decided not to pursue it.
Went home to put my stuff away, then sorted out my coupons and discarded the expired. Decided to check Bed & Bath out and look at various. They had a lot of that, but nothing I was going to pay their exorbitant prices for, so I then went to Target. Happened to see a darling upholstered bedroom bench, but it was three hundred bucks, so forget that. When I got home, I looked on line and there are lots of them, many at considerably more reasonable prices. When I move to the new place, I'd like to get one.


iloveac said...

Does BB&B allow expired coupons? I was pleasantly surprised to learn they can be used here.

Mimi said...

I think they do, Pat, and I have one that isn't even expired, but I really wasn't looking at much in particular. I'm trying NOT to bring anything else in the apartment until I move.

iloveac said...

Makes good sense. Rich used to say to me "bring something in...when something goes out"...or something like that.