Sunday, August 21, 2016

Apartments and Pat

Walked Kimball; slow day otherwise. Called Betty and we talked. Went to WinCo and a few other stores. Spent a fair amount of time on the computer. Went to the library and actually sat reading there for forty-five or so. In truth, there was a whole lot of nuthin'going on.
I had plenty of time to mull over the housing situation. There's no question I'll be glad to go--well, where? There are assets and liabilities with both Ashwood Gardens--not that it's a sure thing anyway, as Elaine said she's going to move to Arizona, but a lot could go wrong--or Ventura Del Sol. VDS is not a sure thing, either (nothing in life is, I guess), but the last word was, there'll be two and possibly three apartments available shortly. Of course, they have to be on the first floor and have one bedroom.
Ashwood: Incredibly, it's three hundred square feet larger than what I have now and much larger than those at at VDS. I like the way the rooms are laid out; it actually has a center hall and fabulous closets and other storage, as well as a large patio and kitchen. I happen to know, having checked so many times, that almost never do any tenants leave; that alone is telling. Negatives: They do allow pets (although I've never seen any there) and the neighborhood isn't ideal for me. I don't mean it's a tacky one, but it's considerably farther from Ellen's and not particularly convenient. All those things are inconsequential, though, compared to the big one: the rent is more than what I pay here. Would I be willing to curtail my activities to meet the heavier financial obligation? I have to think about that.
Ventura Del Sol is situated in a area I like. It's somewhat closer to Ellen's and it's within walking distance of a supermarket shopping center. Also, across from the front entrance and along the side of the complex are orchards--very attractive. Plus--no pets allowed and the topper, of course: The rent is considerably less than what I pay here. It's a dilemma.
I dreamed about Pat last night, maybe because tomorrow is the seventh anniversary of his death. I saw him when he was about thirty, I guess--well-groomed and dressed in a charcoal dress jacket and tie that looked elegant with his salt-and-pepper hair. He was very handsome then.


iloveac said...

Yes Rosemary, Pat was a handsome man. I'm glad you could see him for a bit, if only in a dream.

Your dilemma is real. I know you like the larger apt etc, but you know are very active and you won't be in the apt all that much. You won't be entertaining either.
I love my apt, but it's only an apt. My daily life would be the same no matter which apt I lived in here.
The orchards across from you sound lovely. Walking distance to the supermarket sounds very attractive....and no pets...and less money. Do you really want to have to count your pennies?
You'll make the right decision....listen to your 'gut'.

Mimi said...

Pat, you raised some very good points. I'm still vacillating, and it's quite possible that Elaine's apartment will be snatched up by somebody else, so the question could be moot, anyway. Worse case scenario is that both will be taken before I make a move. Thanks--will ponder it.