Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ventura Del Sol

Wowee, I guess I'm moving, all right! Walked Kimball, then came to a decision: I decided to pass up Ashwood Gardens. It's not only for financial reasons, but because I'm not crazy about the location (not that it's tacky, just not very convenient), plus they allow dogs, plus I'd probably be paying close to what I do here. True, it's a whopping 300-some square feet bigger, but do I really want a place that much bigger? Actually, I don't think I do.
Anyway, I called Jim, the assistant manager at Ventura Del Sol, yesterday as requested, then went over and saw the two vacant apartments. (The one I saw last week is no longer available.) I liked both, but one is forty-five dollars more than the other. Why? Because it's been upgraded with new carpet, hard flooring extended under the dining area and the bathroom sink (which is separate from the toilet and tub), and it has some new fixtures and paint.
Called El and based on her ideas and that of my friend, Pat, I've decided on VDS and the upgraded place. It's still ninety a month less than what I pay here and one of the major pluses is that the hard floor covering in the kitchen extends to the dining area and the bathroom sink area.
Re the sink: I'm not crazy about the setup, which I guess some hotshot decorator thought of years ago. It's in a kind of alcove before the door to the toilet and tub area. I've seen similar configurations with the toilet alone being separated off (in a "water closet," at the Brits say). I know the idea is that somebody washing his or her hands won't interfere with somebody showering or using the toilet, but I think it's stupid. However, it's not a biggie and I can live with it. Got the application from Jim and will return it to him today. I have to overlap rent, as the VDS one is available in two weeks and Colony Parc lease isn't up until the twentieth.
On the subject of housing, I got an unwelcome letter from Sunrise Bay Homeowners Association, telling me I have to have my house siding cleaned of mildew. This is a common problem in southern Jersey and I know a lot of my neighbors have experienced it. A relative power-washed it for me before I rented the house, but I guess it's back. What irritates me no end is that--the last time, at least--it was on the back where it couldn't be seen, anyway. This time I'll have to hire somebody and I know others have paid two to four hundred smackers.
I was pleased to get an cordial e-mail back from Tish, Pat's niece. She's the one who sent me the infamous certified letter re my sister-in-law's death. I'll write her back.


iloveac said...

I think you will be very happy with your decision....good that El agreed. Great minds think alike.
I forgot how our Homeowners Assoc....used to send us letters to power wash the mold from our house. Sometimes I couldn't even see it. BTW, will your new apt have a washer/dryer in the unit?

Mimi said...

No, I'm afraid my apartment won't have its own w/d. However, I've gotten fairly used to taking wash to the laundry place and Jim showed me the one closest to where I'll be. It's a good size, very clean, and I'm okay with it. BTW, you know I couldn't for the life of me, think of the word "mold" when I was typing the entry. What finally came to me was "mildew," but of course, I meant the other.