Monday, August 01, 2016


A slow day. To begin with, I had a horrible time sleeping Saturday night. Don't know why, but I woke at 3:00 and just couldn't get back to sleep, except maybe intermittently. Got up at 7:30, groggy, but I didn't want to stay in bed.
After c. and c.,* I manfully--womanfully--drove to Kimball and did the walk. Felt better after and when I got home, turned my attention to financial stuff and cleared that up. Lunch, then did some household chores. Called my friend, Nancy, who's now back from scattering her late husband's ashes in Arizona. Well, that's redundant; if it wasn't her late husband's ashes, she might just have been emptying his pipe. Her children then took her to Disneyland. (Actually, I'd find the first activity more interesting than the second.) We'll get together after her daughter goes back to Seattle, where she lives.
Went to the library for the second day in a row--proof it was a boring day. However, my friend had called when I got back and when we finally connected, we had a wonderful talk. She's still in Jersey and has spent a lot of time with her boy--my handsome grandson--and his two boys. Aside from that, an evening ride to the supermarket, and reading Stephen King's relatively new book, there wasn't much.
Happily, I slept like a stone last night.
*coffee and computer

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