Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Frustration, But I'll Live

Damned frustrating day. Actually, it was only part of the day, but that was bad enough.
Walked at Kimball, had breakfast, then set off for the post office to pick up the certified letter about which I had gotten the notice. Showed the employee who seems to stay out front to help customers in line and she asked for my I.D., then took the card and went in the back. I waited. And waited. And waited. She finally came out and said she had to ask the manager, Jesse. He took the card, went in the back and I waited. Happened to see my friend, Joyce, and we chatted, while I--yes, waited.
Jesse finally came out and said he couldn't find it. He said "Cliff," the regular carrier (actually, around here, they're not carriers, they're drivers) was off and a sub was doing the route. He must have it with him--maybe. Jesse advised me to check my mail when it comes and if I didn't get the letter to call him. I checked, I didn't, I called, and blah, blah, blah, I have to call him again today after 10:00 to see if Cliff has it or whatever. What a drag.
Changed the bed and did the laundry thing when I got home. Went to WinCo. Made pasta with olive oil, onions and garlic for dinner. Not too healthy, but I didn't care. After dinner, went to Starbucks to see if there was any money left on my two gift cards. There was--wow, a total of sixty cents! With the eighty cents I won at the casino, that makes a tidy sum.
I did get an e-mail from Hans, in which he again misspelled my name. I corrected him and I'll see him today at the Council for Seniors meeting to discuss the rest of my class stuff.

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