Sunday, August 14, 2016

Teacher's Aide

Drove to Kimball, but there were hundreds of soccer players on the fields; clearly, there was some kind of tournament. It was too crowded, so I left and drove to nearby Thille Park and walked that. However, it's probably no more than a quarter to a half-mile around. I'll go back to Kimball today.
Later, Ellen called to ask me to help her with some of her classroom prep work. I was glad to be asked--I so enjoy being with her and am always interested in the work she does. Went over to her place at 1:30, then to school.
Following El's instruction, I added "room 8" to a variety of objects, then we went to the library building and she laminated a number of posters and individual children's name cards. I cut off the overlap--not a minor job--while she duplicated some items. We went back to her classroom and she put up velcro on an achievement "ladder."
It's amazing to me how much work--over and above when they're actually with children--teachers do before and after classroom sessions. What goes on between the time school starts in the morning and lets out in the afternoon is only a small part of it. So is after and before the yearly sessions--people often don't realize this.
We finished up--almost; El took some home--a bit after five, then went to Two Trees Cafe for dinner. Back at her place, El gave me some packing material, then we said goodbye. It was a very pleasant day and I felt good to be of some help to my daughter.

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