Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Calls and Casino

Received and placed a number of phone calls, starting about 7:00 am, when my friend, Doris called. (She knows I get up early.) She said she was not going to the "Casino and Vino" bus trip today, as her knee was bad; did I still want to go? Sure, I said and I'll call to say I'm going in your place.
Doris had missed the cutoff for getting reimbursed, so seemingly, was out the forty bucks; the woman I spoke to said I would have to pay, but Doris couldn't get her money back. I courteously asked to speak to the person who made that decision and was put in touch with "Eric." He proved to be a very nice guy and we tossed the question around a bit, I pointing out that the city wouldn't be out any money if they gave Doris hers back. He finally agreed I could take her place, then, reimburse Doris myself. Called her back, then she called me and so on. In between all this, I walked Kimball, and it all turned out okay.
Spent time assembling the documents Hans had sent, then took copies to the Center. Had to drop them off as Hans was at the East End location, but he should get them today. Stayed for the three dollar lunch and sat with Neil, plus two women named Jenny and Jeanette. Neil is a non-stop talker, an awful bore, but pathetic somehow. I liked the two woman--was interested to hear Jeanette is from Redding, England; she's lived here for forty years, though.
Went from there home to change, got other calls, then went to the bank to explain a mixed-up appointment. My car was so-o-o dusty, so I zipped up to 5 Points Auto Wash and now my little bluebird is shiny again.
Must get ready for the bus trip, which leaves from City Hall at 10:00.

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