Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Laundry and Jennifer

Walked Kimball, then spent more than half the day doing laundry and other mundane, but necessary, work.
After lunch, went out to the store. Came back to do some stuff on the computer, when I heard my name. The woman I had met the other day, Jennifer, had stopped to see me and was talking to my neighbor, Meghan.
I wasn't one hundred percent happy to have Jennifer show up. We don't really have anything in common and she has a somewhat odd manner. She's 48 and lives with her significant other, as it used to be called, in a two-bedroom. She asked if I wanted to see her place and actually, I was interested, so went the short distance over with her.
I had had a two-bedroom, but this is a much nicer one. For one thing, it's laid out differently, so the bedrooms are on opposite sides of the living area. In addition, she has a great view of the fields next to the complex--lots of greenery and open space. Anyway, I stayed for just a few minutes, saying I had an appointment.
Jumped in the shower, then went to Jessica Nails and got my fingernails pretty in pink (actually a kind of mauve, one of my favorite colors). I was mildly irritated when I got one to see that Jennifer had left the sweater she had been carrying on my sofa. I'm going to the BCCC breakfast shortly and will drop it at her door--or something--on the way.
Ellen called and we discussed her upcoming medical procedures; had a long talk. She said I really didn't need to go with her to the one tomorrow, but I'll pick her after the Friday one.
I'm skipping my walk this morning, but will try to make it up later by walking to, and around, Thille Park near here.

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