Monday, August 15, 2016


What I didn't mention about Thille Park yesterday is that when I got there, I saw a number of dogs. Most, of course, were leashed, as is required, but three were not. They were running around together and I wasn't about to walk near them. Yes, yes, they would probably be considered small dogs, but when they get in a pack, I believe they can be aggressive. Therefore, I turned around and walked home. I'm going to stick to Kimball from now on.
Got my walking in anyway as, after my usual Sunday rituals, I drove to the library. Got there about noon and found they don't open on Sunday until 1:00 (I'm pleased they're open on Sunday at all). I then drove to public parking a few blocks away and strolled around in and out of various stores. At a Goodwill, I saw a book I wanted to buy, but realized I had no cash on me. I wasn't sure I could charge $1.95, so I walked the three blocks to a BOA and got money. Walking back, I realized I had probably gotten my mile and a half in, or possibly more.
Got the book, then saw a little lavender crystal egg and bought the that, too. It's so pretty. I didn't need it and I had resolved not to bring anything else in here, but oh, well.
Speaking of books, I'm reading another by Bill Bryson. This one is called Home. It's actually a history or chronicle of how the various rooms in a house involved as they did. Bryson is a wonderful writer; I've been reading his stuff for years, since I found his account of walking the Appalachian Trail. He doesn't stick to one topic; for instance, the last of his I enjoyed was One Summer about the summer of 1927. That was an audio book I listened to in the car. Sounds dull, but it was anything but.
I had put a pork loin in the slow cooker with the mushroom and onion soup sauce and had it at 5:00 for dinner. Yummy, yum and I have enough left for tonight. Went to get more of the Prevacid-like med at Wal-Mart and happened to see a kind of tank top in white. It was inexpensive and I picked that up, too.
Betty called and we chatted. Her son, DIL, and three girls are visiting. I did a fair amount of computer stuff here and there during the day. Turned out to be a pretty good one, aside from the bow-wows in the park.

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