Thursday, August 25, 2016


Got to Kimball to walk at 7:30; stopped after at Wal-Mart for bubble wrap. Called Walter and left a message asking if he could recommend a mold removal outfit. Coincidentally, Eileen, my tenant, sent me an e-mail asking if I was going to send her a new lease; the old one was up in July. Oops--I thought I had told her Walter had said if a new lease isn't written, the old one stays in effect. Since I wasn't raising her rent, I thought we could just go that way, but I guess I forgot to tell her. Well, it's okay by me to have a new one.
Went to Lowes and got more bubble wrap, boxes, and tape. I want to start packing soon.
Drove to the library and got two books with plays. I might use parts in my class, which I guess is illegal without permission, but la-de-dah. In the meantime, I chose one of them and acted--out loud--all three parts, a practice I always recommend to students. Enjoyed it and greatly admire the spare, but perfectly apt dialogue. The play? Agnes of God.
Called some mold removal companies on my own. It was recommended that I call the health department, too, for a list. It was too late yesterday--3:00 here, but six there--so I thought I would today. However, first Susan called me back and we had a nice chat, then Walter got on the line. He said Bill Galway, my old neighbor, a contractor, does the mold thing, so I'll call him.
Meeting Doris and Carole today at The Palms for a "thanks to our fire fighters" thing and lunch.

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