Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Busily Busy

On my way to my Kimball walk, I noticed there was a lot of fog. That's unusual for these parts, but it lifted by the time I finished breakfast.
Went over to Ventura Del Sol on pins and needles. I was afraid Jim, the assistant manager, would tell me they had nothing suitable for me available, then I'd be up that proverbial creek without a--but, no! Happily, there are three open and two were (we thought) being vacated yesterday. He told me where one was and I went over just to look at the location. I was on the walk and saw the door was ajar. A young woman looked out and I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. Jim said you were moving today and I was interested in the apartment" and she invited me in.
I love the place, but then she told me she wasn't moving after all, as the job in Arizona she was going to had fallen through. Lots more went on, but the upshot was, I went back to the office and said I was definitely interested in her place, but if she doesn't move, one of the other two. Jim said to call him next week, which I will.
Went from there to the post office, where I finally sent off the twenty-seven paperbacks to the prison. Via media rate, it wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be, but it was kind of a drag to assemble them, then pack them all in three very large, padded envelopes. No prob, though, and I'm glad I did it.
Got home and the phone rang. It was Jamel, office manager here, saying we had had an 11:00 appointment. Oh, damn, I thought it was at 1:00. I apologized and she said I could come at 1:00, anyway. Did so and discussed my leaving. I have to give notice by this Saturday, which I will.
The office is next to one of the pools and it looked so inviting I went home, put on my suit, and went in. It's not terribly hot here (unlike the east coast, I understand), but warm enough so the water felt great. So did the hot tub after, especially for my knee.
Showered, washed my hair and changed for the widder dinner at 6:00. There were about fifteen of us there and Nancy had saved me a seat. As ever, it was enjoyable although the service was abysmal as ever. There was only one server and there were long waits in between ordering drinks, then dinner, then getting the bill, and so on. I live only ten minutes away and didn't get home until 8:30. However, I had a good time. Got to know Dan, a relative newcomer, who lives in Camarillo. He and Nancy discovered they were born and partially brought up in Denver. Nancy is ten years older, but they had a great time reminiscing about their mutual home town.

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