Friday, August 19, 2016

P.O. And Me

Walked at Kimball. Later, I went to Bonaventure (independent living), as they were having a car show. Saw some neat ones from the thirties, forties, and fifties, all spiffily restored, of course. I thought my acquaintance, Mary, who's the events coordinator, would be there, but someone was filling in for her. She said Mary's husband was very ill, so she's taking a leave of absence. They had a guy singing Elvis songs in the dining room and he was pretty good. Talked to him after and he said he's performed at The Townehouse, also. There was a barbeque and I stayed to have a hot dog and soda, plus a mango smoothie.
Called Elaine, the one I met at Lure on Wednesday; she live at Ashwood and I thought I might look at her place. Left a message. She called me back later, but this time, I wasn't in.
Went to the post office, knowing darn well they hadn't found my certified letter. Asked for Jesse and after a long wait, he came out. He called Cliff, the carrier, right then, thinking he might possibly have accidentally put the thing in outgoing mail, but no. I heard Jesse say, "That's the third one"--that they had lost, that is--gawd! He also noted that Cliff had neglected to put the tracking number on the card. However, he remembered that it was a handwritten envelope. Got home and immediately put a copy of the card (my address concealed) on Facebook with an appeal to anyone who might know who the "T. Molloy" is.
Bingo. My late husband's niece, Amy, commented that the letter was from her sister, "Tish." Via private message, I asked Amy to give me Tish'es e-mail address, she did, and I wrote Tish. Now I'm dying to know what Tish could possibly have written me, considering I haven't seen her for at least ten years and can barely remember her.
I didn't feel like doing anything productive, so took a drive to old Ventura later. Got home and cooked up a nice fresh piece of salmon for dinner. That and broccoli made a good meal.

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