Sunday, July 31, 2016


I'm happy to say I resumed walking at Kimball. I want to keep it up, too.
My friend, Gabrielle, called to ask if I could meet at Starbucks for a coffee or whatever. Sure, I could, and we decided on noon.
I'm not a Starbucks fan--the coffee's okay, sure, but all the stuff is fearfully overpriced and I don't even like it that much--but I didn't mind going there. Gabrielle was shopping at Kohl's, which is in the same shopping center and the shopping center is an easy walk away from my place.
I got a passion fruit iced tea, which I thought barely drinkable, but it didn't cost me anything because I had some left on the two gift cards I had. We talked for an hour or more, poor G. lamenting the fact that her granddaughter, who's 27, still lives with her and won't seem to leave. I still think G. is depressed--in the real sense--and there's something wrong with her foot, which she says was malformed at birth, but nobody realized it. She goes to a naturopath--I refrained from comment--and says that helps.
I had recorded the donated books and good grief, there are 26 of them! After G. and I parted, I went to the post office to see if sending them might be less expensive if I used the "one price for any weight" boxes. However, I was told it would considerably cheaper if I sent them media rate. Okay, I will.
Went to the library after, thinking maybe the "Friends" of same would pick up some or all of the postage. Ha--they don't even have meetings. However, I got the name of the city library director and will see if she has any ideas. I doubt it, though.
Picked up a few items from the store and had chili with cheese and sour cream for dinner. Pretty good. Betty called and we talked. I called my friend, but left a message; I'm not sure if they're still in Jersey or not.

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