Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Whatta Day

After the lazing around day on Sunday, yesterday made up for it. I was determined to buy and send Vivian's birthday present in time for hr twelfth on the 29th, so after breakfast, I rushed out. Went to two stores and finally settled on some enticing stuff from Bath & Body Works. Had to replenish paper supplies, so stopped at WinCo. Next was Target, as I wanted to get some kind of container for the B & B W gift. No time for lunch because I had to pack the present, then jump in the shower and wash my hair in time for my eye appointment.
That was at 2:45 and I didn't get out of there until well after 4:00. Was I annoyed? Did I voice my displeasure? Not at all, because what I was worried about was a false alarm: I had had what I thought was a routine, baseline appointment a few weeks ago and was horrified when the doc said he thought he saw signs of macular degeneration. Even the optimist, I was sure that meant I would soon lose my vision. I was told to make an appointment with the retina specialist and I did, but wanted it after Mike and the girls were coming in. Since then, I had been very apprehensive, but yesterday, the great news from the retina guy was no, I don't have it. Whew!--which is what I put in the subject line of the e-mail I sent my children to finally inform them of the eye thing.
I just had time to get to the post office before it closed at 5:00. Sent off Vivian's present, horrified at the cost of postage for the very small package: incredibly, it was $22.95. However, I sent it anyway and from now on, the girls will be getting Amazon Singapore gifts. (Little K., in Tokyo, already gets his that way--no postage.)
I had changed pocketbooks and had to stop home to get El's key, as she and Greg had left for Pismo Beach. Did so, then sped to her place to feed Sebastian. By the time I got to the restaurant for the widder dinner, it was well after 6:00 and they were about to order, but there was a place for me. I was pleased to see my friend, Joyce, there and we had good conversation. I hadn't eaten since breakfast and greatly enjoyed my favorite summer meal: a rare hamburger and a Blue Moon.
Didn't get home until 8:00 after a very full day. The catching-up and getting done will continue today, as I must do wash, go to the library, and check on some financial stuff, but that's fine by me.

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