Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Day

Skipped breakfast at my usual time and got dressed for the Council for Seniors meeting. First went to feed Sebastian--El's is in the opposite direction and I thought I'd be late for the 9:30 meeting, but wasn't.
Doris greeted me when I came in and we sat in the first row. The program was pretty interesting, as one of my fellow board members, Carol L., talked about her disabilities and presented the "Call Me Capable" game, which she invented. It was fun and interesting; here's Carol's web site: Neither Doris nor I stayed for the $3 lunch, but we'll see each other at The Townhomes tomorrow for the wine/music thing. I volunteered to distribute some flyers there on a senior gathering.
Betty called. She was at Stephen's, as she's going back to Jersey this morning. She said she had spent five hours in the hospital on Tuesday because she thought the polyps that had been cauterized had broken or something. It seems not, but I think they were re-cauterized.
I had seen a piece in The Breeze about a group of people who meet at a restaurant not far from me. People were invited to go and I decided to. I was surprised that there were about twenty people there, all senior citizens. I was asked to introduce myself, did so, and also identified myself as a pacifist. I was pleased that a man said he was, also.
The discussion was, wouldn't you know, one of my least favorite topics, the election. One guy--there's always one who tries to dominate any group--handed out several papers that listed all the reasons why Hillary should be elected. Like him, the group included a number of neo-liberals, awful bores, as well as passionate conservatives. Anyway, it was mildly interesting and, of course, I put in my two cents freely. That included my half-believed theory that the dems and repubs got together to try o figure out how to elect Hillary, even though she's thoroughly despised, so they could go on their merry ways of plundering the country and killing overseas. I know, says some genius, we'll put up an absolute horror of a candidate, so the neo-libs will swallow the lesser evil idea and elect her. The group seems a little dazed at that idea, but were polite.
Anyway, it was okay, but at first, I wasn't sure if I'd go back. However, I was fascinated by a very--very--large woman who came in. She was wearing a flowered shift, jewelery and makeup and had an exceeding blonde Dutch boy bob. The minute I saw her I thought of Lily McBeth and yes, from some of her comments, I believe she's transgender. That makes it more interesting to me and I'd like to get to know her, so will definitely go next week.


iloveac said...

Usually the deep voice gives away these folks. If they'd started hormone therapy before puberty it's not so easy to recognize a person who is transgender. I've been watching 'I am Jazz' on's gives insight into what's involved for the pre teen. Excellent show.
BTW...are you up to date on LPBW.....Big neuro surgery coming up for Matt. There's never any shots of the youngest boy Jacob anymore. What happened to him?

Mimi said...

Pat, I had the same thought about Jacob. If you put him in your search engine, you'll see that he seems to think he's been cheated out of money re the show. Lives with his girlfriend somewhere or other.
Yes, Lily herself told me that the younger you are when you "change," the more successful the transition is. I'd like to see "Jazz," but if it comes on after 9:00, it's on too late for me.