Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Doc, Chicken, and Tummy

My west coast medical advisor,* Ellen, met me at the doctor's at 9:45, but we weren't called for some time; Dr. J. did apologize for the wait. After a fair amount of explanation and discussion, she said I should see Dr. Chondta, the colon guy. El thinks I didn't continue to take the medication (like Prilosec) after the first month. I honestly don't remember if I did, but nevertheless, Dr. J. said to resume it, also to take the vitamin D, as my levels are low. In my defense, the reason I stopped the D was because the colon doc said my blood work was fine, but okay, okay, I'll resume it. Speaking of that, Dr. J. wants me to get bloodwork in October and see her in November.
El and I then went directly to CVS to pick up the ulcer stuff and she advised me to take it when I got home, although it's supposed to be taken in the morning. Okay, I did that. Had salad for lunch, then the rest of the cooked pork loin and yes, my stomach hurt a bit later, but Tums took care of it. I saw that you're not supposed to take more than 10 Tums per day, so I won't.
After that, I ran errands: to the post office to send off darling great-grandson Tristan's birthday card and present; to Quest to make an appointment for October (and fasting, drat it!); to Kohl's to take back one pocketbook and buy another.
Called my friend, Sailboat Sue, to see if she was still going to the BCCC picnic today. She'll try,but she's had some medical problems and wasn't sure if she would make it. She gets a stress test on Thursday afternoon, but before that, we're both going to attend a SCAN session called "Life." That's quite a euphemism, as it concerns assisted suicide issues.
I had been defrosting a whole chicken in the refrig and now oiled and seasoned it and popped it in the oven. I knew it would take close to two hours to cook and, although I don't usually do this, I went out to the store while it was in. Had some for dinner--very yummy and I'll probably be eating it for days.
AND--un-friggin'-believable: My stomach gave me no problem at all last night! And that was after I snacked on fruit, cheese crackers, peanuts, and raisins. I slept better than I have been lately, too. Darned if Ellen's nagging about taking the stuff didn't turn out to be right!
*Jersey Medical Advisor also reads this blog. It's nice neither one sends me a bill--uh-oh, hope I didn't give them ideas.

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