Sunday, July 10, 2016

Nothing Much

I didn't sleep well, darn it, but got up at 6:30. Did the Kimball walk at 8:00 and was home a little before 9:00. I'm glad I went at that time because just as I was in the end stage, several hundred runners were starting out on the same path (I had forgotten a run was scheduled.) I wouldn't want to be in their way and wouldn't want to slow them up.
Breakfast, then various other, then I went to the store and got cut-up chicken and other eatables, including salad fixin's. Made a large one and had part for lunch. Oiled and seasoned the chicken parts and roasted them in two large containers. Had a thigh and a drumstick for dinner and froze the rest in meal portions.
Called Gabrielle and chatted for a bit. Doris called and I told her I had gone to the wine/music thing after all; we talked for some time. I called Nancy to ask how the scattering of her husband's ashes had gone; her daughter and son accompanied her to Arizona for the ritual last month.
Drove over to Ventura Del Sol, still in a quandary about whether I want to move there or not. Aside from all that and stops at various stores, not much went on.

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