Sunday, July 17, 2016


They're gone--sob!
Mike called about 9:00 to ask that the girls brush their teeth and hair; he was bringing fresh clothes for them to wear. He got here at 10:30, they changed, packed up what they had, and I went out to his rented van to say goodbye. I cried a little when I hugged my son goodbye. Darn, I wish they lived closer, but I'm so glad to had that time together.
The next time I see Vivian, in December, she'll be 12 years old. I think she looks more and more like her pretty mother and she's developed a strong, but perky and fun personality. As for the just-turned-eight, Violet's pretty feisty. She and Vivian fight a lot, but considering the battles I had with my sibs, I'm counting that as normal. Violet, it seems to me, is the picture of my older sister, Gene, and also looks a lot like my niece (Frank's younger daughter), Francine.
After they left, I lay down on the couch. I rarely nap, but I was just wiped out, as I had slept very little. Now I fell into a deep sleep, only to be awakened by a phone call from somebody from The Townhomes, that I pretended to be scouting for my demented sister. Oh, what a tangled web--I finally steered her away, saying my sister is still on the fence. Geez, maybe I'll have to kill her off. Of course, she's fictitious, so I have no qualms about that.
I foolishly ate for lunch the rest of the pork loin, making a hot sandwich with bread and the leftover gravy. I then had some of the leftover salad--all that would have been okay, except I remembered the ice cream in the freezer that we didn't have for dessert. I had too much of that and actually got a reaction; I won't get graphic about it, but I felt better after.
El and I thought we'd both get pedicures, and I went over there, but it's been only a short time since I had one, so I decided not. I chatted with her while her tootsies were prettified, and we decided we'd meet for brunch today at the Hill Street Cafe. I went home after that, then took three books back to the library. I got there after 5:00, so they were closed and I just dropped them off.
Nothing much else went on; I'm just coming down from my high having Mike and the girls here.

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