Monday, July 04, 2016

Around Town

Bopped around town all day. Awoke at 7:30, so was able to take the Kimball walk an hour later. (Computer stuff with coffee always comes first.) Home for breakfast, I dared to add five stewed prunes to my usual whole wheat toast and cottage cheese and darned if I didn't get the stomach cramps again! From now on, I'm going to carefully monitor how my stomach reacts to whatever I eat.
Took off for Penney's after and discovered they were having big sales. I bought a very nice bathing suit, skirted, of course, and two crocheted-type tops (one electric blue, one bright rosy red). I'll take both of them to Carole Wimberg's.
Went home for lunch and mulled over what to eat. I looked in the cupboard and found a can of beefaroni--can't imagine why I ever bought it--opened and ate it. Glory be, I didn't have even a twinge after that.
My friend, Doris T. called and asked if we could meet so I could give back the card for Carole F. which I had signed. Sure; in fact, I was a little puzzled that she asked me to take it home to sign. Anyway, we met at Vons.
Went to another store to get a beach coverup. Darn, I want one that opens in the front and has sleeves and had a hard time finding one. Finally did, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it or not--it looks a lot like a bathrobe.
Went to Trader Joe's and got a pretty plant for Ellen in honor of the new fence she just had installed in her patio and painted herself. Stopped at Goodwill after and found a nice wooden--but reasonably light--magazine rack, which I picked up for a buck fifty.
I'm adding here, just for my own info, that I had a sketchy dinner of a tuna sandwich: whole wheat, mayo, and tuna in water. No internal repercussions at all.

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