Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Routines and Regina

After the usual--coffee and computer--I drove over to feed Sebastian. Also cleaned his litter box (ugh!), took the paper in, and checked this and that. Didn't have breakfast until after 10:00 and I then did the laundry routine: wash, dry, retrieve and fold. In between, I went to the office to ask about the procedure for moving--or not--and discussed it with Chastity. I had been told the new lease amount was "negotiable," but will have to talk to Jamel, the office manager about it. Lease is up September 21, so I'd have to give them notice a month earlier. Still mulling it over.
I called my Florida bro, Larry, about his and Helen's recent move closer to their daughters. He said they're getting settled in, but there's still a lot to do. At 84 (Larry) and 82, that's a big move. The house they bought isn't that small: three beds, two baths, and they're having a new kitchen and bath installed. They had lived in the other house more than fifty years and, with seven children, it was substantial with five bedrooms, three and a half baths, and a good-sized pool. I talked to Helen, too, who sounds fine although she and Larry both said she "isn't as mobile" as she used to be. I know she's had hip and knee replacements; wish the results had been better.
Went to the library and took some of the snacks that had been left for Mike and the girls at the motel. Asked Lori, the branch manager, if they'd like them for their break room. Yes, she said, and was very appreciative.
Got a call from my friend, Doris, who asked if I'd like to go with her and Carole to a "Vino and Casino" but trip near San Luis Obispo in August. Oh, yes, indeed, I would, and I called the number she gave me immediately. The woman on the other end asked my name, address, phone number, e-mail, date of birth--I thought she'd ask height and weight while she was at it--and only then, casually mentioned that the bus was filled. Damn!Why didn't she tell me that in the first place? However, she put me on the waiting list in case somebody cancels and said I was number one.
I was shocked to see on Facebook that my sister-in-law, Regina, has died. You'd think her children, my husband's nieces and nephews and my children's first cousins, might to let me know personally. The hell with all of them.
All right, after I posted it, Regina's daughter, my husband's niece, sent me a private message on FB saying she had tried to make contact. Seems to me the fact that she had none of my information is telling in itself. Where was she these almost seven years since Pat died?
Stir-fried onions, garlic, and green peppers, added ground meat and had it for din-din, then went over to feed Sebastian. Council on Seniors meeting after that.

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