Monday, July 25, 2016

Pleasant Day

After a rocky start, it turned out to be a very pleasant day. Having hardly slept, then developing another stomach ache, I wasn't even sure I wanted to meet El. I did feel a bit better, but not entirely, after coffee and just a kind of half breakfast--one slice of toast with cottage cheese.
Enjoyed a return call from my friend and had a good talk. They were in Pennsylvania and will hit southern Jersey today. When I asked how many states they've visited so far, the total was eleven--and counting. They're going to be heading back to New Mexico taking the southern route, so that will add more to their itinerary.
Went to El's as planned, but we decided to skip the harbor, which was probably jammed packed, in favor of Hill Street Cafe and its gratis mimosas. I had a crustless quiche and incredibly, after half of that and a mimosa with two refills (these are extremely slender glasses that probably hold no more than three ounces), my tummy felt fine.
After, we decided against swimming, although it was very hot (for here). El suggested we get a movie and we did, the Sally Field one called Hello, My Name is Doris. It was anything but profound, but cute and we enjoyed it.
When the movie was over, El started quizzing me on my stomach problem. She thinks it's a return of the ulcer, but I think it's diverticulosis. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and we'll discuss with the doc; El said she'd go with me, which is a good idea.
I had no gastric problems until I got home, about 5:30, then the same ache developed. It seems to originate in my middle, then travels to my right breast. Tums seem to help for a time and I did sleep fairly well.


iloveac said...

Great idea to have another pair of ears in this case Ellen's when listening to the doctor's recommendations. He'll probably want an upper GI exam. Hey, maybe it'll be a simple Prilosec pill that will take care of it. Sending positive thoughts your way.

Mimi said...

Thanks, Patti! I really appreciate your comments, especially as you have a lot more medical expertise than most people. (BTW, Doc is a "she," not a "he.")