Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Dinner at El's

Walked the usual. Had toast and cottage cheese. Changed the bed and took sheets, plus other clothes to the laundry. Partially packed. Had broccoli (cooked, of course) and a hard-boiled egg for lunch. No cramps all day--yay! Spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon packing. I was determined to restrict myself to the smaller suitcase, but I still have a few things to fit in and I may not make it. Darn. Showered and washed my hair, then zipped over to Ellen's at 3:00.
The new fence, not painted, looks great and she has further plans for the patio. We discussed them, then sat outside on a gorgeous day with iced tea. Later, we sipped Margaritas and I watched while she made a real, old-fashioned dinner: hamburgers, corn on the cob, baked beans, and watermelon--very tasty. (I had a small slice of watermelon and was pleased there was no reaction from my tum.)
Gregg came in and made a broccoli dish with miso, which was good, too. I had brought a six-pack of Blue Moon and he and I had that with dinner. The two of us then watched a saved Parts Unknown in which Anthony Bourdain traveled to Iran, while El cleaned up (I should be ashamed). I left a bit after 7:00 and was in bed two hours after that.
I'll be leaving in a few hours to catch the train to San Juan Capistrano, where Carole W. will pick me up. Not sure if I'll post again until Thursday, when I get back, or Friday.

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