Saturday, July 09, 2016

Back Home

Boy, I slept like a stone after my trip and got up feeling great at 7:30. Did my usual early morning, then went to the T.O.P.S. meeting. I lost just a fraction of a pound this time, but I was okay with that.
The meeting, however, turned out to be tiresome. Lolly, the leader, is a very ineffectual one. She's a sweet person--sort of reminds me of a minister's wife from Upper Armpit, Idaho--but Colleen, the crazy one, brought up the recent Dallas shooting and prompted a discussion, which Lolly just helplessly accepted. When people started chiming in, I got up and left. No matter what anyone thinks about Dallas, black lives, white lives, Easter bunnies, or any damn else thing that has nothing to do with losing weight, I wasn't going to pretend it was appropriate in that venue.
Went home, had breakfast, did some housework, then went out to buy salad stuff. I had added my half orange to breakfast and neither that nor the salad I had yesterday affected my stomach, I'm glad to record.
Drove to town and went to several stores. I didn't buy anything, but I enjoyed walking around on a warm, but not humid day, with a nice number of people on the street. Stopped at Five Points and got my car washed--it looks gorgeous, like a bright blue little jewel--and was passing The Townhomes at 3:30. I knew that was when the Friday wine and music program started, and I impulsively turned in and sat in my usual chair by the door.
I was joined by a nice couple named Mavis and Flager (it's Swedish, I think), she with a walker, he with an oddly-shaped head, and we chatted, drank wine together, and enjoyed the piano player/singer. When I got home, I immediately did the laundry routine. Had sausages for dinner, took a drive, and ended a pleasant day.

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