Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Day!

Oh, joy! I thought yesterday would turn out lousy because it started out that way. I had fallen asleep easily, as I always do, and got up for the usual about 3 am. After that, I tossed and turned and rolled around--it was just impossible to go back to sleep. Naturally, I started worrying about this and that, notably that I hadn't gotten my California license yet and I was afraid I'd be nabbed and fined and.... Anyway, I think I fell back to sleep--fitfully--about 6:00, but woke at 7:30 and got up (groan).
After breakfast, I decided to go to the DMV and at least acclimate myself to the building (I've done this before) I had my preliminary papers with me, though, and I found myself marching up to the testing area and asking to take the test.
Now I've been dithering about this for more than the year since I moved here. I just had this terrible premonition that I'd fail, take it again and fail, a third time and fail, and I'd never get my CA license. I was also terribly nervous about taking the road test. I don't know why I felt this way--just an irrational fear, as some people have of black cats or something.
Anyway, I took it and I passed! And I found I didn't have to take a road test! And I got an interim license and was told I'd be sent the permanent one! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited and so happy I almost danced out of there!
So I went looking for handbags. I had bought one the other day at Kohl's, but I'm not sure I like it. Went to Penney's and spent a good hour there looking at one pocketbook after the other. If I liked the configurations--size, pockets, zippers, etc.--I found the colors hideous. I was on the verge of buying one, but decided to look at other stores. Went down to Sears and found nothing (although I did come across a nice top on sale, which I bought). I still want to look around further.
Home, I got a lovely Skype call from Tokyo and enjoyed K., a remarkable cheerful, talkative, inventive child, who pointed out his birthday on the calendar page for September and informed me he was cooking up more calendar pages for his train to eat. Was "with" him and his Dad for quite a while, but said goodbye so they could get ready to go to "Joyful," the park nearby.
After that, I zipped up to the library to pick up a book I had requested (a bio of Babe Ruth). I was chagrinned o realize I had left my wallet on my bed--it's almost never out of my purse--so I couldn't get the book. I was also alarmed to realize my new interim license was in there, too, but got home without incident.
El called; she and Greg had had a nice time in Pismo Beach and she thanked me for feeding Sebastian. I hope to see her soon.


iloveac said...

Happy day is right Rosemary. Now you are a certified California driver, and you can show those folks the way we NJ perfect drivers handle the road.🚗🙄

Mimi said...

Yesireebob, Patti! We Joisyites can drive rings around these guys!