Saturday, July 16, 2016

Last Day

Yesterday, their last full day in the states: Mike called to say he was picking up the girls at Carolyn's, then they'd probably go to the beach. Did I want to meet them there? I decided not to, as they were coming for dinner and I wanted to get a few things. Mike said they'd come here in the late afternoon.
I changed the bed, then took the bedclothes and other things to the laundry room, just barely eking out enough quarters. Came back and went to WinCo to get dinner things. I decided on a peppercorn pork loin, a green salad, and a fruit salad; bought bananas, watermelon, and blueberries for the latter.
Ellen had gone to the beach with the other three and she got here about 4:00. They had to take back boogie boards Mike had rented and do a few other things, so came later. Mike called Paula on FaceTime and we all chatted with her. We were shown Snickerdoodle and Malibu and I was introduced to Liz, the new helper/housekeeper/Nanny.
After, We sat down to dinner, then Mike said if I didn't have dessert that the girls would like to go to Yogurtland. Well, I had--ice cream--but I didn't mind. (El went home, but said she'd call me today and we'll get pedicures.) Mike, the girls and I went to Yogurtland and got all kinds of frozen yogurt and toppings; it was good, but I felt a little queasy after.
We then went across to the shopping center to Barnes & Noble and Vivian and Violet--both readers, I'm happy to say--got several books for the long trip back to Singapore. Back at my place, Mike directed their teeth-brushing and so on, then he left, and I took a shower while the girls were occupied with their phones. Vivian and I played cards--good old "Go Fish"--but Violet declined in favor of something on her phone. It was after ten before we all went to bed; V. and V. in my double bed, I on the couch. They fell asleep instantly, but I tossed and turned. I kept waking up, even though the couch is comfortable and at one point, heard voices--no, not in my head. My neighbor, Laurie, with whom I gotten friendly, was talking to the security person, in an ordinary, daytime voice. No prob? It was 1:30 am! But ho-hum, I'm up now and the little girlies are lolling in bed behind me and I'm glad they're here.

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