Sunday, July 03, 2016

Skype and the Pool

Although I didn't get up until 7:30, I walked at Kimball. I was delighted to see Google video and pictures from Tokyo of precious little K. Was also taken aback, but amused, to get an e-mail from older son (K.'s daddy), thanking me for the anniversary card I had sent. I was glad they had gotten it in time for the big day on July 2 until I read further and was informed that their anniversary is on September 10--ha! Don't know how I got that so wrong.
I had been told said son would Skype about 2:00 my time, and I waited in. While I did, I got a call from the western wanderers, my friend and my granddaughters. Had a good chat with all three of them and am looking forward so much to seeing the girls and their Dad on the twelfth.
Ellen called to ask if I wanted to go to the pool, either at her place or mine. Sure, and she said she'd come here. In the meantime, the Tokyo contingent Skyped and we were both able to talk with son, P., daughter-in-law N., and that darling dynamo, little (or not so) K. Talking incredibly well for a two-and-three-quarter-year-old, he told us his train's birthday was on September 17, pronouncing "one" and "seven" in English and showing it on the calendar. At this point, he speaks mostly Japanese, but adds some English and, according to his Dad, sometimes mixes the two in a sentence. Anyway, it was great fun to see and hear him.
After, El and I went to the pool in the middle of the complex, bypassing the one toward the front--lots of noisy kids in there. The water was nice, but it got a little too cool to stay in long--or even stay at the pool--so we lasted only an hour or so. It was fun, though, and El invited me over for the fourth; Greg only works until 5:00, so the three of us will have dinner together. I bought some Blue Moon, which I'll take over, as Greg may enjoy some, too.

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