Monday, July 18, 2016

Two Highlights Only

The two highlights of the day were first, a call from my friend. She and her husband are in his home state of Minnesota ("Land of a Thousand Lakes"), where they visited several of his relatives and picked up a few games of pickle ball. They'll leave for Wisconsin today and continue to make their way east. As ever, I greatly enjoyed hearing from her and hope to visit them in New Mexico, probably in October.
Second high point was meeting Ellen for brunch/lunch at the Hill Street Cafe. This time we sat on the patio in the bright sunshine--very nice, indeed. Although we met at 12:30, I ordered off the breakfast menu, which includes all you can drink Mimosas; El got a taco salad. It was nice, as ever, and we enjoyed it. Ellen and Greg are leaving today for a three-day sojourn in Pismo Beach, so I'll go in and feed Sebastian.
Aside from the aforementioned, nothing much else went on. In fact, I felt a little pokey and dreary, I guess because Mike and the girls have gone. I even napped a bit on the couch, which I consider a dangerous habit to get into, so won't continue.
Eye doc appointment today and widder group dinner tonight.

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