Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Innards

Stomach acted up a bit some time after (truncated, as before) breakfast, but I corralled it with Tums. I started writing down when and what I eat and when--or if--my stomach ache comes back. Maybe that would help the doctor today.
Went to Sears at the mall and took back the tops I had bought the other day--they were a little tight and I didn't like them that much, anyway. Stopped at Target to look at pocketbooks, but I didn't see anything I like better than the one from Kohl's, so thought I'd keep that. Changed my mind later--I think it's too small--so will return and look for another.
Had pork loin from the other night and half an acorn squash for lunch. Recorded that with the time--1:00--and by 5:00, hadn't had any problem with my innards.
Did wash. Funny--it's now seeming perfectly natural and normal to have to put the hamper (it's net) in the cart and pull it to the laundry place, load a washer, then go back to dry, and again to fold and retrieve. It no longer seems much of a chore, which is just as well.
Had shrimp and the other half of the acorn squash for dinner. Later, during my hour of T.V., I had diet soda and a bowl of fruit, then went to bed at 9:30. Woke up with stomach ache two hours later, but took Tums, then slept well.

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iloveac said...

Rosemary ask the doc how many tums (calcium) are OK for you to take. Have you tried 6 small meals a day as opposed to three a day? Keeping something in your stomach thruout the day may be helpful. Best that you are seeing MD today. Best to avoid alcohol beverages during this flare up.