Saturday, July 02, 2016

Here and There

Didn't walk, as I had to be at SCAN for the T.O.P.S. meeting at 8:45. I was weighed by Crazy Colleen and was pleased to find I'm 3.4 pounds down. However, I wasn't the big weekly loser because Bob lost four. Somebody brought a guest who was visiting from Arizona. She was wearing a bright red tee shirt emblazoned with "Support Our Troops" ("our" in caps underlined just so nobody thought it meant Ugandan troops or something) and silhouettes of soldiers against the ol' red, white, and blue. Okay, that's not unusual, but what bemused me was the fact that she was also carrying a denim purse covered in peace signs. I was tempted to ask her about the juxtaposition, but refrained.
Director Steve, the stuffed shirt personified, came in to announce a new SCAN course conducted by someone skilled in--wait for it--"Healing Vibrations." Steve told us that vibrations, performed or directed by a skilled practitioner, can cure all kinds of physical ills and also make one calm and self-assured He said there was "research" that supported it. I almost, but not quite, challenged him, but kept quiet. Later, I looked it up and found that the vibration idea has been around for more than a hundred years and is, of course, utter and complete hogwash. Yet Steve's announcement was met with some interest--or at least, respectful attention--by the group. Geez,is there no end to the gullibility of the American public? What ever happened to pyramids? Crystals? Auras? All of those and dozens more were touted as "scientific" healers and helps. Here's a good website on the history of vibrations:
Did a lot of paper (computer) work, then met Doris at The Townhomes for music and wine Friday. A guy played guitar and sang the oldies, including, I was pleased to hear, some Hank Williams. It was enjoyable, as ever. Doris brought a card she asked me to sign for Carole, as we're going to take her out for her birthday shortly.
Went from there directly to Ellen's to see the new fence in the patio she had installed to hide the trash receptacles. It looks good and she was preparing to paint it as I arrived. I contributed by watching her work whilst drinking a glass of iced tea, stayed for an hour or so, then departed.
In the evening, I was surprised to get a call from Gabrielle, from whom I hadn't heard for a month or more. We talked for a long time, mainly about her family "issues," which are formidable. She also has a problem with her foot, dislikes her job, and it seems to me, may be clinically depressed. I'll keep in touch with her.

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