Friday, July 01, 2016

Interview and My House

I did, as it turned out, skip my walk after a wakeful night. Had breakfast late and left out my usual half orange; just had the toast with cottage cheese. I think my occasional stomach aches are exacerbated by fresh fruits and vegetables. When I eat them--and I had been accustomed to a large salad at lunch almost every day--I get cramps. When I have meat, cooked veggies, and pasta, I don't. Okay, okay, if my diagnoses and treatment doesn't work, I'll mention it to the doctor. I have an appointment in a few weeks.
Met Jill, the reporter, at the coffee shop. As it happens, she's an R.N. and, although she's 69, still works part time at the county hospital. I can't remember in what capacity now, but she said her favorite was always the emergency room. However, she transferred, as she thinks the ER is a younger person's field.
Jill is--pretty clearly to this writer--not an experienced reporter. She doesn't get paid for her stuff, so I guess it's sort of a hobby. I had provided her with a resume and a short list of other pertinent information; she said she had read it, but didn't pose many questions that stemmed from the material. Aside from the trite and obvious: "What brought you to California?" "What do you like about the theatre?," she let me fill in a lot. At one point, I said, "I've been murdered three times--shot, stabbed, and suffocated." I remarked that that might make a good, grab-your-attention lead, but I'm not sure she picked up on it. I don't have very high hopes for this article, but if it promotes my class, I'll be satisfied.
We discovered that we both know Carole F.; she's in Jill's book club and I know her from various things we've attended (Carole's the one who hates her husband). Jill told me she's a fifth-generation Californian, has never been to Jersey and knows nothing about it. Hmm... Anyway, we sat and talked for an hour and it was pleasant enough. I'll be interested in seeing what she writes up.
Went directly from there to the library and picked up a few more books, including Being Mortal, another by Dr. Atul Gawande. I just finished his Complications and boy, if he's as good a surgeon as he is a writer, he can operate on me anytime.
Joel, Jr. called to thank me for his birthday/graduation gift. What a good kid he's turned out to be. El also called; she just had a new partial fence put in her patio--to replace the old, which fell--and we discussed it. I'll go over to see it soon. I heard back from my tenant, Eileen, that yes, she'll be delighted to continue the present lease. Good; I think we both lucked out when we found each other.

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