Saturday, September 10, 2016

Active Friday

I had skipped my walk for two days and was determined to get back in the groove. Did so; in fact, I got to Kimball just a bit after 7:00. Walked, then was able to stop at Wal-Mart for corn pads before T.O.P.S., which starts at 8:45
Got there and found that Carole F. was, too. She hasn't come for several months, and I was glad to see her. As for my weight, I stayed about the same, which is okay, I guess. The meeting itself was, as ever, an exercise in--if not futility, maybe uselessness. Sharon held forth on her daughter being a mail carrier and didn't get to see the baby, her great-nephew for weeks, and baby cried and blah, BLAH! Lolly, the sweet-natured "leader" is too damn sweet-natured to tell Sharon and all the other blabbers about anything but weight loss to shut the hell up. Carole and I talked about this after--it's so annoying. However, we also talked about going back to the Chumash Casino--she'll drive--and made a tentative date for next Wednesday, the twenty-first.
Went home for breakfast and discovered that yet again, my morning paper wasn't complete. Called the Ventura Star and was told by machine it was too late to have it re-delivered, so did I want it with tomorrow's or did I want credit? Aagh!
Did lots and lots of prep work for the course--I'll be surprised if it ever comes to fruition this time out--and made up a course description that Carole had requested. Actually, it was good for me to lay it out, too. However, when I send it to her, I'm going to emphasize that it isn't hard-and-fast and I can and will modify to suit the size of the class, gender makeup, and so on.
Betty called to say she was yet again taken to the ER. Another bad pain in her abdomen, which docs think is a kidney infection. Anyway, it eased up and she has a primary doctor appointment on Monday and will see a urologist a few days later. My tenant, Eileen, called to say the garbage disposal was on the blink; plumber said it had to be replaced to the tune of $135, so I said go ahead. Considering the house is fourteen years old, you have to expect some replacement; I'm just glad it wasn't the furnace or something.
I hadn't intended to go to The Townehouse wine and music, but Doris called and said she was and that she had invited Shelley, so I decided to. Met them there and we had a nice session. I saw Joe LaR. after and he gave me a hug. Said his flaking leg seems to be slowly improving, so that was good.
Now I must turn my attention to the nitty-gritty of financial affairs and moving work.


iloveac said...

I've never been to TOPS. My S-i-l thought it was wonderful. I did do WW for a long time, but hated those meetings. The last major attempt at weight loss I did was Online WW. It was less expensive and I faithfully documented whatever I ate.
I don't like group anything exercise or group weight loss. As you experienced....the blabbers. I couldn't care less about their lives.
Sorry to hear about Betty...hope it's easily treated.

Mimi said...

Pat, it is irritating to have the meetings go off in ten different directions, but I go for two reasons: 1. to discipline myself to at least get weighed; otherwise, I tend to ignore my weight and it climbs steadily upward. 2. I actually do like most of those who come, even the biggest talker, Sharon. (She's also the biggest person: probably 5'10" and maybe 150 over.) So I guess I'll stifle my annoyance and just endure it. As for better, thanks--I'll hear later what's up with her problem.

Mimi said...

I meant "as for Betty," of course!