Monday, September 12, 2016

This And That

Moving right along, I walked Kimball, then settled into my usual Sunday routine. Crossword and coffee finished, I spent the rest of the morning contacting various places to change my address--what a drag and I have plenty more to go. What's monumentally annoying is the fact that I won't have the same landline phone; well, I'll have to use the cell and soon, I hope, get a smart phone.
Made a big salad, had some for lunch, then out I went. I drove into town--which was jammed and no wonder, considering it was a beautifully sunny Sunday. I went to the library--I'm always pleased that it's open on Sundays--picked up a "tell all" JFK book and the new (huge) one called Sinatra about--well, yes.
Bought myself a hat, after which I walked into another store and everything went black. When I came to, I had bought two smashing throw pillows for the sofa--just couldn't resist. I already have two sofa pillows, but I think I might use those in the bedroom. Anyway, these are going to make my new place look elegant. I also bought a kind of fancy stool like you'd have at a makeup table. It'll come in handy, I fervently hope, even though I don't have a makeup table.
Got an invitation from Golden Girls for a cocktail party on October 1. I responded in the affirmative right away, as it sounds like great fun. We'll again each bring a bottle of something and an appetizer--my cocktail meatballs went over very big last time, so I'll probably make those.

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