Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Labor Day and the Kennedys

Walked Kimball.
I somehow screwed up the television--too long and boring to go into why--and now I don't get anything. Called El and she guided me through getting the "box" working again, but I still don't have T.V. This isn't too big a deal, as I only watch Forensic Files and I don't even know why I do. It's completely formulaic--somebody murdered, often in a particularly gruesome way, then various suspects examined, then we find out the husband just took out a big insurance policy on wifey, plus he's playing around. Yep. I think I like it just because it is so perfectly mindless; I much prefer that to programs that pretend to carry great import and are supposed to make viewers THINK. They don't.
Nancy called to see if I wanted to go to the Ventura Wine Co. (a restaurant) on Thursday, and yes, indeed, I do. She then proposed a movie, the Meryl Streep one, and we decided to go there to the 3:55 show and have dinner after, instead of lunch. Sounds good.
Went to the widder lunch. Forced myself not to order a hamburger, so got a French dip, which was actually pretty good. Gayle held forth on various topics, including politics which, heaven preserve me, I can't stand. Talk about mindless...
Went from there to the Adult Center, forgetting it was Labor Day, so it was closed. Stopped at a few stores. Went home to continue a little of the minor wrapping and packing. Since I couldn't watch my hour of T.V. at 8:00, I went onto YouTube. Found a five-year-old documentary on Ethel Kennedy and watched half; will continue later. Sounds boring, but actually, it's pretty interesting. It was produced by her daughter, Rory, the one who was born after her father was assassinated. In the car, I'm listening to a fairly new, very extensive bio of Joseph Kennedy (The Patriarch), which is thoroughly absorbing.

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