Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More of Much of the Same

Got to Kimball to walk at about 8:15. Incredibly, it was already close to 90 degrees--it got hotter later, I think up to 97. Happily, my fan keeps the place pretty much okay and I got more unpacking and putting away done. After lunch, I decided to quit and go to the pool. Did so and met a nice woman named Karen, whose granddaughters attend Balboa Middle School, which is right behind us; one of them was with her at the pool and her daughter teaches Kindergarten at a nearby elementary.
Karen and I started talking and I found she makes things out of "sea glass." I didn't know what that was, but she said it was pieces and chunks of different-colored glass that wash up on the ocean shore. She showed me on her phone some of her creations--a palm tree, a turtle, a flower--which she has in shadow boxes. That reminded me I was going to donate a shadow box for which I don't have room; asked if she wanted it and she said yes. After she left, I jumped in and swam around a bit--it was heavenly.
Later, I remembered which building and apartment Karen said she lived and, on my way to Lowe's, dropped off the shadow box. At Lowe's, where I went to get a hanging holder for several mops and brooms, I saw some beautiful succulents and picked up two quart-sized ones. Got home and put them on the patio--very nice. I also bought a cedar fence-type thing and put it around my ficus. Looked up info on how to care for same and it says partial sun, so I'll put it a few feet away.

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