Friday, September 09, 2016

More Fun

If I experience any more of these fun days, I may collapse.
Didn't walk, as Nancy came over at 9:45 and we left for the movie. I drove--nervously, because it was all the way in Oxnard, a good five miles. Aside from passing the exit, it was okay; the next exit got us there, too.
We saw Florence Foster Jenkins and both loved it. It developed at a leisurely pace, so was a little slow at the start, but soon blossomed. Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, and the other players were all just superb and the story line--based (probably loosely, as these things usually are) on a true story--was both touching and funny.
Nancy's son, Richard, had invited us to see his "Silkworm" shop, so we went there after back in Ventura. I had envisioned a little store front operation, but no--this is in a very large warehouse-like space, with huge machines for duplicating all kinds of signs, logos, legends on paper, wood, tee shirts, and so on. Richard is pretty large himself, probably at least six foot six, and a very personable nice guy. Anyway, it was great fun to be shown around and see his business.
By the time we got to The Cave at the Ventura Wine Co., it was 2:00 and we were hungry. We both got the assorted cheese plate and boy, was it good. It included five kinds of cheese, several kinds of breads and crackers, various mustards and dips, plus grapes, figs, and nuts. Nancy had her usual split of champagne and I, heritic that I am, passed up the wine for Stone IPA, very "hoppy" and very good. After a long, leisurely lunch, I drove home and dropped Nancy at her car. By that time, it was almost 4:00 and I had a message from Betty, telling me she had again to go to the hospital with pains in her upper abdomen.
This is really scary, but at least she had had the colonoscopy just a few months ago and, although there were some pre-cancerous growths, she seems not to have a recurrence of colon cancer. We had a good talk and no sooner hung up than the Tokyo Trio Skypped me.
Adorable Mr. K. is three years old today (yesterday in Japan); he opened and partly put together the sort of rolling balls gift I sent him. He's so bright and curious and talkative and happy--a joy to his parents and grandparents, including this proud Nana.

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