Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Second Day at the Library

I'm back at the library one more time, I hope, as the hookup should take place tomorrow.
I'm happy to note I walked Kimball yesterday morning. Continued my unpacking after and got a lot done, but not all yet, of course. Took the %$@!! modem back to ^&%*()= Time Warner and was asked if I had the cable box. What? Didn't know I was supposed to turn that in too, but went back, picked it up, and did so. Called Communications, Inc. to see if I need to buy a box, but no. Went to Wal-Mart and bought a modem. Went to Target and various others for this and that.
When I got home, my neighbor, Suzanne, was sitting outside and invited me to join her. I did and--just as I had told Ellen I thought this--she is indeed, a nun, a Sister of Mercy. She does counseling and other things at St. John's Rehab in Oxnard. We had a nice chat, she's 68, comes from Iowa, and is one of six siblings, the youngest of whom had Downs Syndrome and died a few years ago. I told her I was educated by nuns, but was no longer religious, and she jumped up in horror and said I'd burn in hell.
Ha! She casually accepted this, then we discussed pacifism and had a good talk. We went in, then El called to say she'd bring the duplicate key for Colony Parc back. Did so and we visited for a bit; she likes how the apartment is shaping up.
So do I, in fact, and I like Ventura Del Sol so much.

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