Saturday, September 03, 2016

Away Day

Fridays have become most-of-the-day-away days, which is fine by me and yesterday was no exception. I walked, but not at Kimbell; drove to Thille Park, which is nearby and went around twice. I don't think it's as far as Kimball's mile and a half, but I wanted to get to T.O.P.S. on time. Did, at the start time of 8:45 and told Colleen I wasn't going to weigh in, as I was sure I had gained. However, she persuaded me, I did, and I maintained, which was better news than I had expected.
Dietician Margaret sat in for the meeting and told about how she thought she was fat when she was younger. She is barely five feet tall, small-boned, and if her weight tops a hundred, I'd be very surprised. However, we all like her and enjoyed having her there. After, she expressed interest in my class and I gave her a flyer on it.
Got home with barely enough time to change and went to Silvercrest for lunch. This is where they have the $3.00 lunch, as they do at the Center; just thought I'd try it. It was okay--a turkey sandwich and salad--but what I enjoyed most were the people I met. There was a Thelma and a Mary and a married couple named Frankie (her) and Frank (him). I chatted with them and Frankie invited me up to see their place. It's on the third floor and has a nice balcony overlooking the garden on the side. It's probably about the same size as my present place, except they pay a third of what I do. I left to go home and change into a third outfit for the wine and cheese at The Townhouse.
This was a particularly good one; the singer/entertainer, David Gilcrest, was about the best I've seen at these affairs. He's probably in his sixties, Australian, and has been in a lot of musicals. He did songs from Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler On The Roof, Pal Joey, and a number of others, each time donning costume props of hats, capes, and so on. Chatted with him after and he gave me an autographed picture--lots of fun.
I sat in my usual spot near the door spot and met a couple named Moni and Al. They're friends of Joe L. and I saw him after the affair. He introduced me to others and showed me his leg, which is in bad shape, but I think is healing. I'm not sure what the condition is, but the leg is bright red and raw and the skin seems to be peeling. He had been in the hospital while they treated it, but now it just has to heal, I guess.
So it was quite an enjoyable Away Day.

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