Monday, September 26, 2016


I'm back, I'm home, and happy day! Walked Kimball, although the heat was incredible--as bad as Jersey, though not as humid--then followed my usual Sunday ritual. El came at 11:00, bringing me a gorgeous ficus tree as a moving gift. We put it on the patio and it looks great.
As El and I talked, I glanced over at the dishwasher, which I had turned on for the first time--aagh! Suds were dripping out of it and sloshing on the floor! We stopped it, opened it, and El asked me what I had put in as detergent. I showed her a Lemi product I had never used before and she pointed out that it said "dish soap," not "dishwasher detergent." Yoicks! I provided rags and towels and she sopped it up on the floor and in the machine. What a job and what an idiot her mother is.
Finished that, she started on hooking up the computer. We had a talk--uh, discussion--well, argument--on various electronic topics, then she wisely asked me to go in the kitchen and just let her do it. I did, she did, and my little darlin' works--yay!
We celebrated with lunch at the Hill Street Cafe, where I enjoyed quiche and an orange blossom, refilled several times. From there, it was Wal-Mart where we got a surge protector, but it proved to be too short, so I went back later and got another. Had some items in my car I had borrowed from El, so dropped them off. Went home and plugged things into the surge thing, and finally, at long last, I'm electronically sound and it's all good. Watered my beautiful new ficus and spent time on this machine catching up with various. Took time out to go to Smart 'N' Final--the stupidest name I've ever heard for a supermarket, but otherwise, I like the place.
Slept like a stone last night and will now prepare myself for my walk.

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