Wednesday, September 07, 2016


Walked my walk, which I know I won't be doing today because I'm going to the BCCC breakfast meeting shortly.
Made up some more flyers for my class and went to the Center to put them out. For lunch, I sat with Steve, Penny, Chuck, and Sergio, who was born in Chile, plus a new fellow. His name is Leland and he has a--not sure what it's called--tracheotomy opening? in his neck. To talk, he has to hold his finger over the opening. Seemed like a nice guy; said his family has bought a site in Oxnard in 1870 and still owns it--interesting. The company was good, the food mediocre. It was called "turkey marsala," but seemed to be just gravy over mashed potatoes and a small piece of turkey. No matter, the conversation was interesting.
Went from there to Five Points Auto to get my little blue darlin' washed. Of course, it was jammed; I was there an hour at least. That wasn't bad, though, as I sat outside in the sun. After that, I went directly to Target to get a card for precious Mr. K., who will be three years old on Friday. Of course, the card will be late, but I ordered a gift through Amazon Japan and that will be delivered tomorrow, I think. I had taken my address book when I left in the morning, so filled out the card at the P.O. and sent it off. Got home, changed, then took clothes to the laundry room; washed, dried, folded, put away.
I wanted to put some clip art on the flyers I made, but for some reason, couldn't do it at first. Went over to Michael's and looked for stickers, but then remembered I have lots of them. Went home and couldn't find them. Finally was able to get some clip art on and I prepared the flyers.
Sailboat Sue called to say she'll see me at the BCCC gathering today and did I want to go to lunch after? Yes, and I'm also going to see if the prez will announce about my class; that's why I'll take the flyers.
T.V. still isn't working. I was so busy all day I didn't have a chance to call Time Warner, but didn't miss it; just continued watching the Ethel Kennedy bio.

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