Saturday, September 24, 2016

Looking Up

Okay, things are looking up. Guy came early yesterday and hooked up the router; of course, computer isn't operational yet, but I hope will be this week end. Guy also showed me how to work the television, using the remote he left. Why he told me to buy a universal remote is beyond me--I didn't even ask. I had defrosted a small pork loin from the freezer and put it to slow-cook with mushroom and onion soups for dinner.
Met Sailboat Sue for lunch at Brophy Bros. at the harbor. We both had tuna melts (which reminded me I really don't like them much) and I a good Stone IPA. Long talk with Sue, who continues to have problems with her ailing (probably dementia) husband. After, she took me on an enjoyable tour of the harbor, with which she's very familiar, as they used to dock there.
From there, I took back the stupid remote to Time-Warner (oh, excuse me, it's now "Spectrum," as if I give a damn).
Got home to continue unpacking (almost finished), put more away, and rearrange. I was amazed and thrilled to open two of my kitchen cabinets and find them empty--that's how much space I now have and it's lovely! Called several people to give them my new phone number, including my three brothers; greatly enjoyed talking to them.
I actually watched T.V. last night for an hour and a half. As a novelty, it was great fun. I even enjoyed the commercials. Slept soundly all through the night and didn't get up until after 7:00. Had my first coffee, read the paper, then walked Kimball. I'm determined to resume that daily.
Now here I am at the library again, but I HOPE I'll be posting from home next time!

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