Tuesday, September 20, 2016

At The Library

I'm in! Slept in my new place last night. Now I'm at the library at 6:27 pm; they close at 7:00, so I'll make this fast. It's been wild the last few days. El came over Monday to get the nails out of the wall and take the boxes she had lent me. We then went to dinner at Macaroni Grille. After that, I asked if I could watch T.V. at her place, which I did until a little after 8:00. Went home, unpacked a little more, then hit the sheets.
Today, Tuesday, I did a lot more unpacking and putting away (I'm far from finished, of course). Met picture hanger, Ryan H. at the Colony Parc place and he took my cherished A.C. pics off, then transported them to Ventura Sol and put them up there. It cost me 200 smackers, but was well worth it--they look great.
Rushed around trying to find Time Warner's local office so I can return the modem, but will go back tomorrow. Have to buy a new modem, too.
Went to WinCo to put a little bit in the larder (fridge and cabinets) and now the library is closing, so must do the same.

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iloveac said...

I was already missing my daily Mimi's musing. Good to find you again.