Thursday, September 22, 2016


AAGH--what a horrible day! That's why I'm back here at the library, as I still don't have a computer! I used to think Comcast was the worst company in the world, but then I found out differently. It seems Time-Warner (my old) and Communications Services (my new and shed a tear for me) are in competition to be the worst, both run by the devil twins, Indifference and Incompetence. To cut to the quick: I was told by T-W I had to return their modem; did so and was told I had to return their cable box; did so and found out today I have to return their remote; will have to do that tomorrow, so will make three trips to the crappy place.
Guy from Communications "Services" (they don't use the quote marks, but they should) got here about 11:00; hooked up the T.V. pretty quickly easily and the phone ditto. I had been told by C"S" to get a modem and he hooked it up. He then asked about a router. Router? I hadn't been told to get a router. Now here it gets hazy: At some point, he said I had to have a router for more than one computer. I told him I had only one, but may have mentioned I have a tablet. However, I don't generally use it now, as I have the desktop at home. At one point, he said I didn't need a router after all, but then come out and said I did. "Darn," I said, "I was never told I needed one." I said I'd go buy one and he said he'd come back later in the afternoon to finish up once I had the router. He gave me his cell number and asked me to call him once I had it and he'd come. He left, I went to the laundry place and washed and dried.
I didn't want to bug him, so waited until almost 4:00 before I called the number he had given me. Oh, gee, guess the joke was on me: A recording informed me that the mail box for that number hadn't been set up. Damn! I then called the main number for C"S"; AGAIN, there was a very annoying echo on the line--double AAGH! I told the woman ("Yvonne") the story, including the number the guy had given me and she said that was only used for them to radio their employees. I told her I didn't use the tablet and she said I didn't need a router. She asked if the computer is operational; I tried it and oh, no, of course not--screen is completely dark, keyboard doesn't work and so on.
Now, she said, she'll have the guy come back tomorrow. Okay, okay, okay, what else could I do but agree?
So here I am at 5:23 pm at the library in town, furiously angry at Time-Warner (soon to be Spectrum, says a syrupy voice when you call them), Communications "Services," and the world in general. So I say again--AAGH!

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