Saturday, October 01, 2016

Harp Recital

A different, if unusual day--and I like new things. Didn't walk because I was determined not to skip T.O.P.S. Went and found I had lost a smidgen. During the meeting, my phone rang; I didn't recognize the number, so squashed it, but there was a voice mail, so I went out in the hall to listen. It was Sherry A., asking if I wanted to go to the harp recital and lunch at Bonaventure. She doesn't check her e-mail very often, so didn't realize I had already asked her. Anyway, I called her back and we made a date. I met her there a bit before the start time of 11:00 and we were seated comfortably at a round table for four, set for lunch.
The harpist, Peggy Skomal, and her music were just exquisite. Knowing her audience, she played a number of old-time hits, along with a few classics, some Celtic airs, and a composition of her own. We enjoyed it immensely. After, she invited questions, then asked if anyone wanted to examine her harp more closely. Along with a number of others, Sherry and I both went over, chatted with her, and found out things about the harp I never knew before--and never thought to ask. This is a big sucker--I'd say seven feet high, at least, and maybe five or six on the horizontal. It weighs 80 pounds, Peggy said, and was made by a Chicago company she considers the best in the world for harps. Three different materials make up the strings; depending on the note, some are made of cow gut, some of nylon, and some of wire-wound nylon. I was surprised to be told--and see--seven petals on the base, each of which gives a different tone. Of course, the gilt front included a crown at the very top, the back was of wood, but I can't recall what kind, maybe maple. Peggy is a lovely (tall and blonde), gracious young woman, probably in her thirties, and a fine musician. What a treat to hear her.
We were served lunch after. There was a choice and I was happy to have the liver and onions (ugh! from Sherry), with a baked potato, string beans, and vanilla pudding. Sherry had only fruit and cottage cheese (blah! from Mimi), and seems to eat only bland foods.
Sherry is okay to be with for short periods, but the several hours we had to talk wasn't short. I've never known anyone whose insistent blather included so much self-aggrandizement, persecution, and questionable "facts." Trying to change the subject to some neutral one worked only for a time, then it was right back to Saint Sherry and all the odds against her. What a bore, but the music was worth it.
Went to Kohl's later and took back the pink bedding I bought the other day. I'll just wait until the right one comes along. Bought a doormat for the patio, watered the ficus, and swept. Looks pretty good. Oiled and seasoned the chicken thighs I bought the other day, had some for dinner, and froze the rest. Yum.

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