Monday, October 03, 2016

Chores and So On

I'm sorry to admit I didn't walk--no good reason, just didn't.
Accomplished a lot of domestic chores, including moving things around, putting others away, and so on. The place is shaping up to look pretty nice.
Drove into town and went to various stores; didn't buy anything. Ventura was jammed, I guess because they were having an "Art Walk." Sherry had asked if I wanted to go, but frankly, I have too much to hang on the walls as it is, and I wasn't interested anyway. I've spent a lot of time viewing art in New Hope, Pa., Galloway, N.J., and points west all over California. I'm just about viewed out.
Went home and showered and washed my hair. I must get a non-slip something or other for the top; when I put conditioner on, the bottom get slippery and I'm very nervous about it.
El and Greg came over after dinner to hang some pics and a broom holder, and bring back my grandmother's bureau. I might very well keep the other one, if I can fit it in somewhere. After they left, I sat down to watch the usual for an hour and, incredibly, needed to put a throw over my knees--it's gotten cool. Good sleeping weather, as Pat used to say, and I did, like a log.
Have a doctor's appointment shortly (ugh!) and the widder lunch at noon (yay!).

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