Sunday, October 30, 2016

Good Day

A good, active, different-from-the-usual day, combining phys. ed.--or ex.--productivity, and home visits.
Walked Kimball, then spent the morning and some of the afternoon going over my Dionne Quintuplet collection and weeding out this, that, and the other. Called Sue and learned she had tried to call me at the new number, but of course, it just rang and rang. Ditto my brother, Frank, whom I called after I spoke to Sue. Went over to Vons and got more minutes. El called and I asked if she'd bring me some empty containers, of which I know she has many she doesn't need. She did when she came over to move my chest and printer back to the wall. We then chatted over iced tea on the patio; it's always so enjoyable to be with her.
El went off and I drove over to Wal-Mart to get an adapter and RD 40, or whatever it is, to spray on the track of the sliding glass door--it sticks. Was just walking to the car when my phone rang. It was niece Carolyn, who said she and her two, Finn and Claire, were on their way to a party in Simi Valley, had hit Ventura, and was I available for a visit? Yes, indeed, and I sped home.
They got here shortly after, Carolyn dressed in a black, red satin lined cape and boots, Claire in a kind of horse outfit; Finn said he had a mask in the car. As always, I was so pleased to see them and we had a fine time chatting for an hour or so before they continued on to the party.
Got shrimp out of the freezer, squeezed lemon juice over, and used up the cocktail sauce I had made a few days ago. That's all I had for dinner and all I wanted.
Got up this morning to find--it had rained! Not sure how much, but the some of the pavements are wet. My paper isn't here yet, either--I hope the rain didn't throw the carriers into a tizzy.

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