Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Here and There

I had every intention of walking yesterday. Got up early, did my things, and strolled to the car at 7:30. Started up to drive to Kimball and--aagh! An icon on the dash lit up showing what was clearly the depiction of a tire with a shaft or something in the middle. With my usual sunny optimism, I assumed it was an indication of a dangerous--even fatal--situation and I'd better go directly to Meineke and get it fixed.
I did, man at counter said it was probably low pressure and they'd charge $34 to check it. Okay, and the guy had it for about fifteen minutes, then came out and said the pressure was just low and there was no charge. Hey, that was good.
Later, I went to Bed, Bath & B. to get the tub mat I had looked at the other day. I had a coupon for twenty percent off I had gotten when I moved. Took it and saw it expired on October 1--damn! However, I always believe in trying, so I appealed to the manager and he okayed the discount. Checking out, I saw a cunning little lantern thing, battery lit, that I just had to have. It was only eight bucks and takes AA batteries. It looks so nice on the surround of the sink and I'll light it for company (if I ever have any).
Stopped at Goodwill and found a lawn chair in excellent condition for $3.99. Bought it and now I have two on my porch so I can sit there with company (if I ever have any). Looks good, too.
Sliced and chopped onions, peppers, and garlic and stir-fried together, then put in some cans of pasta sauce, plus meatballs I had in the freezer. Put it on elbow macaroni and boy, was it good. I made plenty, so froze some of the sauce and have two bowls in the fridge for lunch tomorrow, or whatever.
Went out to the library about 6:00 and found a note on my door from Suzanne next door. I had mentioned to her that Sue's husband, Mac, had been newly-diagnosed with Alzheimer's and that I told her I'd look for support groups. Suzanne had printed out a list of all of them in Ventura County--how kind of her! I knocked on her door to thank her and said it was just the right time, because I'll see Sue this morning at the BCNN breakfast. (I had already found a group in Oxnard that I e-mailed to her.)
Suzanne said she had tried to take a shower and the water turned brown. She asked if mine had and I went to check, but it was fine. It may have something to do with the maintenance done yesterday morning on the water system.
Showered myself and used my new tub mat. It's great! I feel so secure and I really don't care if it should be dried between uses; I'll do it. I called the company, but haven't heard back; said they'd respond by the next business day. My water was crystal clear, so Suzanne's may just be some problem on the end unit

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