Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Walked Kimball. Talked to my pals (ha!) at AT & T several times. They told me the service was switched on on Friday. Now I think it may be the phone apparatus itself that needs to be fixed. That was pretty much confirmed when I talked to Ellen. She reminded me that with the former carrier, the phone ran off the Internet; AT & T uses phone lines. Today, I'll try to unplug and get it in the right outlet.
Did a lot of what I call "bookkeeping," including calling Little Egg Municipal Authority to change my address on the water bill, and to take Pat's name off it. I was told I had to request it in writing and send a copy of the death certificate. I happen to have several copies, so did that.
Went to Target to look for a two-drawer filing cabinet. I know I saw a cardboard one there, but I didn't yesterday. I may buy a regular steel one, but would rather not have it so heavy.
Made a few more calls, then saw the minutes were about to run out. Yes, that's the problem with a cheapie Tracfone; someday, I'll get a smart phone. Went to Vons to buy more minutes.
Aside from that and a few little domestic chores, I didn't do a whole heck of a lot.

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