Friday, October 21, 2016


Walking Kimball, I got an idea for a good twist in my play. I'm still working it out, but I think it's pretty inventive.
Finally tackled financial stuff. I had put off figuring getting my accounts in order, what with charging on Visa and other cards, including my plane fare to New Mexicoa, and so on Finally straightened it all out and I'm glad about that.
Had a number of different calls to make and again experienced dead air every few seconds--so infuriating! Called Communication Services and told them I was switching to AT & T. Unfortunately, I can't keep the same number, so it will change yet again today. The AT & T person will come in the morning and J.C. from the other benighted outfit will come between noon and four.
Went to Lowe's and got myself six lavender mums for my flower rack thing, along with another succulent--so attractive--for the oblong holder. So bright and pretty on the patio. While I was watering them, Suzanne from next door came out and we chatted.
It was very hot yesterday and I think it will continue. I actually was going to go to the pool, but got waylaid.
I was delighted to get an adorable Halloween card from the Tokyo Trio, which includes a picture of Mr. K. with a witchy (or warlock-y) hat and cape on. It says "There's no trick to this treat, just see Nana!" Of course, it's original and includes some nice drawings--free form by Mr. K. himself.
After dinner, I got a Skype call from the very family mentioned heretofore. Had a fine time talking to Mr. K. and his Dad, although the picture kept freezing up. I will definitely switch over to AT & T for the Internet, also.

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